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"You really see anything different as an attack, don't you? That is textbook xenophobia."

PunishTeens - Skinny Blonde Gets Tied and Chained

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  1. Local virginia gay bars
    Shakarisar1 year ago

    A similar topic is the parents who take their kids on half a dozen extra circular activities. I have nothing against those parents. Its just my thought that one, I need time for myself, and two, when do these kids get time to have play dates, watch tv, play outside? I let my kids have one extra circular.

  2. Local virginia gay bars
    Nalkis1 year ago

    No, Miguel, I think you are the one recrafting reality. You made a lot of negative assumptions and false equivalences about gay people -- and you can't brush that aside by blaming someone who calls you on it.

  3. Знакомства
    Shakat1 year ago

    Dip, its not Christianity that does those things. Islam calls for it. Atheism ...absorbs it for lack of a better way. Evolution and eugenics are making a comeback. Antisemitism is making a comeback. You better find your niche.

  4. Tujind
    Tujind1 year ago

    Religion has been encouraging the collision between the gullible with the unscrupulous since time immemorial.

  5. Local virginia gay bars
    Grojora1 year ago

    You should try that google thing yourself. Might save us from your uninformed posts.

  6. Vibar
    Vibar1 year ago

    20 years ago my GF told me its the safe time of the month and then we ended up in the clinic. A friend was about to split with his and decided to have a last tango. Prior to that she called me to say she'll make him stay by having his kid. I told her no point as you'll only end up having a messy life. She then proceeded but dumped him and never allowed him to see the kid who is an adult herself now. Does these count as the ability to ensnare?

  7. Mezijind
    Mezijind1 year ago

    But what if they?re all counterfeit? You have no test to decide which is counterfeit and what?s real. We know that some bills are real but we don?t have that information regarding gods. Except that you were born and raised a Christian instead of a Muslim. There have been 250,000 greater and lesser gods in the history of humanity. Such good luck for you that you were born into exactly right circumstances of being able to worship the one true god out of 250,000 other fake gods.

  8. Local virginia gay bars
    Arashiran1 year ago

    That would mean "The US House of Representatives" are the ones that "lost by a yuge [sic] margin." This makes your post incoherent.

  9. Local virginia gay bars
    Voodoobei1 year ago

    It does! Rolls right off the tongue.

  10. Taramar
    Taramar1 year ago

    I had to squint at my screen to be sure I was reading this right.

  11. Local virginia gay bars
    Dur11 months ago

    He is a friend

  12. Знакомства
    Brashicage11 months ago

    nothing to dodge when all your attempting to do, and not well, is to troll.

  13. Знакомства
    Bazshura11 months ago

    Shannon is a he.

  14. Dairamar
    Dairamar11 months ago

    I don't really see how. (Though I grant you can just respond to that by saying "Well you wouldn't, you're human". :P)

  15. Sharamar
    Sharamar11 months ago

    1. As opposed to answers that are wrong? yes it matters and no religion doesn't do any of that. If anything it muddies the water.

  16. Sadal
    Sadal11 months ago

    They are very different from Christianity.

  17. Знакомства
    Yozshull11 months ago

    A distortion of that amendment.

  18. Local virginia gay bars
    Tojagrel10 months ago

    "Jesus Was Crucified By The Sanhedrin For Blasphemy"

  19. Local virginia gay bars
    Zulumuro10 months ago

    Maybe you should look it up.

  20. Local virginia gay bars
    Baramar10 months ago

    I go by the actual proposed policy. Only Muslim countries who were sponsors to terrorism or those who did not have proper ability to vet their people.

  21. Local virginia gay bars
    Maulrajas10 months ago

    She is. She has gone this far in her life (I'm assuming she is in her 30's) by depending on everyone else for her basic needs, she wants to continue that, which means she consciously manipulates people so that she can continue to NOT do things for herself.

  22. Знакомства
    Nikosida10 months ago

    His "invisible qualities" are NOT "clearly seen". I see nature. I see the universe. I see animals and trees and mountains and lakes.

  23. Local virginia gay bars
    Kasho10 months ago

    let her do what she wants, but at least ask her to give you some data on the person in case anything goes wrong so u can contact the police as well as other info. I don't trust people on the internet as a matter of policy. I can chat, joke, and engage in long term conversations with people but ultimately i will never trust you 100% online until I have seen you with my own eyes in a safe environment.

  24. Shabar
    Shabar10 months ago

    It's the same as far as I'm concerned. I just want it out of government, that's all.

  25. Tojajora
    Tojajora9 months ago

    it is proven to me, as it is to all them who have believed ... I am not alone..God has chosen us!!! while you are planted in darkness regarding the truth ,the way, and the life.. Jesus Christ... Aye abound in the knowledge of his resurrection... you wait me time , because I will only tell you the same thing over and over again...which reminds me of a joke me uncle used to tell me...tell the jew once, the wite man twice and the other feller til he understands!!! looks like you just like that

  26. Знакомства
    Maular9 months ago

    Do you have a link you can share?

  27. Local virginia gay bars
    Akirisar9 months ago

    LOL, Rockolla does seem to have a bit of a bromance with Trudeau going... I wonder if Trudeau knows.

  28. Local virginia gay bars
    Shagor9 months ago

    Yep, they like many on his list pick names close to real organizations to confuse people.

  29. Viktilar
    Viktilar9 months ago

    CNN caption: Innocent Gazan woman trying to create work for herself is murdered in cold blood by mysogonistic Islamaphobic Israelis

  30. Знакомства
    Vik8 months ago

    No i am saying crimi ality is inherently irresponsible.

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