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"It doesn?t really affect anything and it isn?t that surprising really after putting some thought into it. And of course this is living species not discussing the precursors to the living ones."

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Nubile Nurse Gets a Show

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  1. Знакомства
    Fenrile1 year ago

    Oh wow, yeah that is a horrible disease. My cousin's father is dying from Huntington's disease and it is horrible to watch him suffer.

  2. Faur
    Faur1 year ago

    I remember this from slightly before Trump when the "scientific racists" were doing this to negative reviews of Nicholas Wade's dumb book. It was the same group flooding comments all over the place. So I wasn't totally surprised at the pro-Trump things over at TA, but the volume was off the charts. Disqus really does make this easier though.

  3. Знакомства
    Yomuro1 year ago

    Is sin-enabling a thing? Because they are knowingly bearing a child who will commit sins here.

  4. Sex with pregnent woman
    Kajijora1 year ago

    The law has to respect his religious freedom.

  5. Zololabar
    Zololabar1 year ago

    How is it you -as an atheist- don't know how YOU define the supernatural?. All atheists I have debated equate the "supernatural" with flying spaghetti monsters or invisible pink unicorns, etc.

  6. Vurn
    Vurn1 year ago

    No, those remain only observed conceptions, there are more happening behind the observed than one can actually know about.

  7. Taucage
    Taucage1 year ago

    You only think you exist. You want objective proof that God exists now give objective prof that you exist. I can prove you DON'T exist with 4th grade science.

  8. Malaran
    Malaran1 year ago

    That was what he wanted it to be about. What the court decided to do was to respond to the specifics of this one case and the procedural problems in the Civil Rights Commission rather than address the larger question.

  9. Maurr
    Maurr1 year ago

    Meh, you are upset I do not plant a foot firmly in either extremist camps.

  10. Mazunris
    Mazunris1 year ago

    Trump chummed the waters, his minions are in a full Harley Davidson feeding frenzy now.

  11. Goltitaxe
    Goltitaxe1 year ago

    My feelings about hawking have nothing to do with his physics.

  12. Brataur
    Brataur1 year ago

    So I guess he won't bake a cake for the writer of this OP, since it's actually a lie. The court ruling is not what the OP claims.

  13. Kajicage
    Kajicage11 months ago

    Poor HH, his persecution complex runs deep. You would never seen him attacking Atheist's and their beliefs, and thinks the "Religion" channel should only be used as a cheering section for all the world's religions. I am not quite sure why he hangs around if he hates it so much.

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