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"no aye yam more coherent when having a couple guys like you hanging around to hear everything I have say .. I am speaking God's words into you.. and you are becoming my servants.. :) LOL!!!"

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  1. Bazil
    Bazil1 year ago

    "As we shall see, such an understanding of the Christian faith, confessed by millions each week in church services all over the world emanates from the experience and ideas of one man - Saul of Tarsus, better known as the apostle Paul - not from Jesus himself or from Peter, James or John, or any of the original followers that Jesus chose in his lifetime. And further, I maintain that there was a version of Christianity before Paul. with tenets and affirmations quite opposite those of Paul. This is the lost and forgotten Christianity of James, the Brother of Jesus, leader of the movement following the death of Jesus, and the Christianity of Peter and all the apostles. In other words, the message of Paul, which created Christianity as we know it, and the message of the historical Jesus and his earliest followers, were not the same. In fact, they are sharply opposed to one another with little in common beyond the name of Jesus himself."

  2. Celebrity sex tape pamela anderson
    Dainos1 year ago

    "Forever" is a concept generated by the mind based upon memory. The NOW is not a concept, it is a CONSTANT lived reality which precedes thought. It is ALWAYS now. That is what eternity REALLY is. There has never been anything but the now.

  3. Mazusida
    Mazusida1 year ago

    I never get upset with golf. In the trap? I laugh. In the river? I laugh. Just makes it all the more about you and the course. After all, that is what the game is about. To me at least. It's a personal challenge, nothing to do with opposing a person, that person is you.

  4. Vulrajas
    Vulrajas1 year ago

    I looked up instructions for how to set this weird clock we have at work. Ever since then, one of the ads I see on here is for clocks. : /

  5. Kazrakree
    Kazrakree1 year ago

    I curse like a sailor every day. LOL

  6. Знакомства
    Kimi1 year ago

    Always amused when people who cite Jefferson and the constitution start arguing about separation of church and state.

  7. Celebrity sex tape pamela anderson
    Dik1 year ago

    Trudeau should have laughed in phone & told Trump that he had his small hand hoser swingin

  8. Знакомства
    Nesida1 year ago

    Looks Iike I broke you again, where do I send the error report?!

  9. Mikahn
    Mikahn1 year ago

    Bobbyblobblob is making funny lefty noises again!

  10. Знакомства
    Maugis1 year ago

    It's metaphorical, it being an issue of the heart, but I get what you mean...

  11. Karr
    Karr1 year ago

    It's okay to have more power ? as long as that power doesn't get abused. What I don't like is that pacha-mindset some dominant men showcase, believing they can sit and relax while their woman stands at their service all the time.

  12. Dailrajas
    Dailrajas1 year ago

    I am well versed in the scripture that point to a rapture of sorts, however, Im inclined to lean towards a more figurative interpretation of the rapture. That being said, if the rapture IS a literal occurrance, I am thrilled to participate! ???????

  13. Celebrity sex tape pamela anderson
    Nagul1 year ago

    Nope.. don't touch at all. Who wants that ick all over them.

  14. Tet
    Tet1 year ago

    Post your evidence.

  15. Tygot
    Tygot1 year ago

    She is running for Governor in TN. You have to hit certain notes to get the bible thumpers behind your candidacy.

  16. Fegis
    Fegis1 year ago

    So, you mention, like Andy Hood, a laser focus on God's righteous judgment of peoples in the past.

  17. Shakazilkree
    Shakazilkree1 year ago

    not sure what you're getting at

  18. Знакомства
    Gozahn1 year ago

    Your claim is that Phillips is being forced to provide a service. That is a lie. He started a business open to the public. He agrees to follow all applicable laws. It is Phillips who is choosing to violate the law. He is the cause for these issues.

  19. Akibar
    Akibar1 year ago

    She wrote a report right? That?s a false report to a peace officer but i doubt she?d get more than probation.

  20. Знакомства
    Shaktilabar1 year ago

    that?s an odd thing to say in a forum where the most common book discussed has a very similar plot and a larger page count. But to each their own.

  21. Celebrity sex tape pamela anderson
    Dougis1 year ago

    I do acknowledge it. You have no reason to state otherwise.

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