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Video guide to the sexual positions

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"Funny kind of bible you must read."

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arai mani neram kazhiththu varamaatten yenru ninaiththukkondu mooththiram povatharkkaaga paathroom vanthaal. siththi aapis mudinthavudan oru kadaikku varasonnaal.

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  1. Video guide to the sexual positions
    Gazragore1 year ago

    Yes I did. It was only Huckabee. You also cited snopes which refutes what Huckabee said, all of it.

  2. Zuzuru
    Zuzuru1 year ago

    I'd always liked to sit on the floor and wait for my Gramps to read the paper, then hand me each section as he finished. He would do that popping thing you do when you're trying to get it spread out correctly ?? It was mucho fun to watch him read and harumph at different things, lol . I never lost the habit, and it's fun in a small town because they report on the smallest of things. Squirrels running rampant through town, police beat documents a little old lady thief hahaha??

  3. Знакомства
    Zoloramar1 year ago

    While I confess to having some difficulty comprehending your screed at times, I'm pretty sure it isn't down to my reading. Even so, I manage.

  4. Goltilmaran
    Goltilmaran1 year ago

    Sounds like you just said you can have any religious believes, but you are not allowed to live your beliefs.

  5. Meztirg
    Meztirg1 year ago

    Nothing? I didn?t think so.

  6. Mezira
    Mezira1 year ago

    Sliding into Monday like...

  7. Sataxe
    Sataxe1 year ago

    I'm impressed you used paper. Most people tell us to check out spam folder. I tell them, that the contents are auto-deleted within a week. If it was longer than that we won't attend. ;-)

  8. Tojakazahn
    Tojakazahn1 year ago

    It is an interesting hint that there may have been an environmental catastrophe. The projected date for such a catastrophe was not actually the same species to species, projections of 100,000 yrs, 200,000 yrs and 300,000 yrs ago are not actually simultaneous.

  9. Video guide to the sexual positions
    Malalar1 year ago

    I base that on the idea that they will at some point become a God. That is their doctrine

  10. Video guide to the sexual positions
    Dataur1 year ago

    I have been learned!

  11. Знакомства
    Tushura1 year ago

    Oh, believe me...I will!

  12. Nera
    Nera1 year ago

    You mean the starving kids that they didn't want on government subsidies?

  13. Video guide to the sexual positions
    Goltikus1 year ago

    Why would anyone compromise on their beliefs? That is just ridiculous.

  14. Goltiramar
    Goltiramar1 year ago

    No, they aren't. No where does it say the measurement or metric CHANGED (i.e., was done "a new way") under Obama.

  15. Знакомства
    Mekus1 year ago

    Faulty premise. Didn't happen, IMO. Also:

  16. Zolojinn
    Zolojinn11 months ago

    Melania Trump certainly has a professional, disciplined spokesperson in Stephanie Grisham. What a sharp contrast to the corrupt and crude people that trump--the president, no less--has chosen to surround himself with.

  17. Kikinos
    Kikinos11 months ago

    slot machines are apparently the god old white people worship

  18. Знакомства
    Goltiran11 months ago

    So, you're not a 0 then.

  19. Знакомства
    Kalrajas11 months ago

    What do you know about global warming, climate change geology etc to make such a claim?

  20. Fenrilkis
    Fenrilkis11 months ago

    the human equivalent age for an indoor cat of 12 years is around 64 :)

  21. Zujar
    Zujar10 months ago

    That bowl is NOT big enough. I'll make some more, this is going to be a long show.

  22. Vugal
    Vugal10 months ago

    The other side understands how computers work better. It's tough to fight when your pickup truck won't start and your cell phone won't work etc.

  23. Akijas
    Akijas10 months ago

    Dude, I'm going to tell you ONE MORE TIME to stop and leave the thread unless you can stay on topic.

  24. Torisar
    Torisar10 months ago

    Social shaming has always existed, and merely grew with the internet age. If you think it "started" a few years ago, you're dreaming or you haven't been paying any attention in life.

  25. Tygotaxe
    Tygotaxe10 months ago

    Okay, but there?s where development comes in. Companies & even individuals would be far more willing to spend money on advancing that kind of tech if more people showed interest.

  26. Tukus
    Tukus9 months ago

    Sorry, I missed this one earlier.

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