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With all russian girs

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"No, you simply do not understand the term omnipotent and are making stuff up. If he can poof the cosmos into existence, poof the earth into existence, and poof life into existence, he could do it over a million years or all instantly. What part of "ALL POWERFUL""

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  1. Voodoogrel
    Voodoogrel1 year ago

    NO, it was NOT the Roman Catholics who gave us the Christianity of today. And, NO, they are NOT the same at all. Period.

  2. With all russian girs
    Metaxe1 year ago

    What about the stuff at Goodwill? It got worn once or twice??

  3. Taugis
    Taugis1 year ago

    Your chair does not "hold you up". IN fact you can't actually "sit" on a chair. There is an atomic barrier between your atoms and the atoms in the matrix of the chair...

  4. Munris
    Munris1 year ago

    Honestly I was drawing the line for the USA around Desert Storm I.

  5. With all russian girs
    Shajind1 year ago

    Seems to me you are pushing your agenda: we've got two people writing about the same city at the same time. Both use oratory to convey political points. They actually both mention the same character in Alcibiades.

  6. Знакомства
    Dudal1 year ago

    Funny when they lose or it doesn't go their way its suppression or fraud yet if we do the same and there is more evidence against them we are crazy.

  7. Знакомства
    Tosida1 year ago

    The earth doesn't spin! If it did we'd all be flung off it into the heavens!

  8. With all russian girs
    Douran1 year ago

    THAT defies logic..... that something would come about AFTER its beginning. A "beginning" doesn't have to be one point in time when the context is clearly dealing with a completely different topic.

  9. With all russian girs
    Fauktilar1 year ago

    You are lying. You have not "discovered" this, you believe it. If you actually knew it was true, you'd be able to demonstrate it, but you cannot.

  10. Kagahn
    Kagahn1 year ago

    Common ancestry isn't proven. Random mutation and natural selection accounting for most change isn't proven and may get swapped out for other mechanisms.

  11. Nirn
    Nirn1 year ago

    No. There is what the lights in the darkness represent. The Sun is representing the Son of GOD Adam (H.E). The moon is representing Mother Eve (H.E), and the stars represent the children of the kingdom. There were no stars before Father Adam (H.E) and Mother Eve (H.E) gave birth to Abel.

  12. Meztit
    Meztit1 year ago

    I know women love women as well as couples enjoy going and then go home for wild sex. Just not my thing

  13. Gardarisar
    Gardarisar1 year ago

    Nobody said that. Trying to prove something that cannot be seen is the problem.

  14. Kajijinn
    Kajijinn1 year ago

    you run with that in 2020... see how far that gets you.

  15. With all russian girs
    JoJonris1 year ago

    That's a nookyuler gun

  16. Nagul
    Nagul1 year ago

    Four more years of this sort of crapola courtesy of the Ford family. ????

  17. With all russian girs
    Gojin1 year ago

    I don't honestly believe a normal sane woman would view abortion as birth control. But there is a portion of the "pro" lobby that has framed the message in such a way that it gives the appearance that there is. Namely, "contraception" and "womens health" are frequently used as euphemisms for abortion services. Just be up front about it... In this regard, the pro lobby has actually done considerable damage to itself.

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