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Diary of a stripper tv show

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"Oh, I'll answer any questions you'd like to ask me. You can get a general overview of me by clicking on my profile. I'm watching TV as I check my iPad so I'm "multi-tasking." ?? Did you want to continue this/ask me something else??"

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  1. Знакомства
    Kazik10 months ago

    Excited for Free Comic Book Day tomorrow

  2. Diary of a stripper tv show
    Tygomuro9 months ago

    Consenting adults, Check

  3. Kirg
    Kirg9 months ago

    No, he was saying that murder doesn't occur by God's hand......I think.

  4. Toshakar
    Toshakar9 months ago

    Awesome user name.

  5. Akinojind
    Akinojind9 months ago

    Nope. Just a word that came to my mind. Might be "alien".

  6. Знакомства
    Dajar9 months ago

    Lol, you're so cute. I'm sorry. I didn't realize it was your first day on the internet. For future reference, you can expect to be called on fallacious arguments. You may not last long if you're always this much of a snowflake.

  7. Yorr
    Yorr9 months ago

    No, religious people want their freedom of religion, of course.

  8. Gokasa
    Gokasa9 months ago

    Once again you fail to argue against my points- further evidence that you are incapable of finding flaw in my position.

  9. Знакомства
    Kagajin8 months ago

    You started getting personal when you claimed I was a supporter of atrocities against gay people. I tend to take stuff like that personally. Go to hell.

  10. Faele
    Faele8 months ago

    That hypothetical Muslim dominant Europe is reaaaaaaallly hypothetical. Muslims make up 6% of the population.

  11. Dashakar
    Dashakar8 months ago

    Lol yes. You didn?t see the video?

  12. Zoloshura
    Zoloshura8 months ago

    Yes and both governments are wrong for doing so.

  13. Vudok
    Vudok7 months ago

    MAGA = America First. it's that simple.

  14. Знакомства
    Kektilar7 months ago

    I'm saying that there is more than one staunch way to define a word that was one of the better English words available several hundred years ago. Other translations use different words to get the thought across to people who just can't look beyond a single meaning and ignor context context.

  15. Diary of a stripper tv show
    Nern7 months ago

    Jesus was able to be temped, because he was human, but he did not sin according to the Bible. If you could show me a scriptural basis for your statement, I might understand your point more clearly.

  16. Знакомства
    Mikagami7 months ago

    Lol , how do you think the universe came to be?

  17. Akinolkis
    Akinolkis7 months ago

    He will need a few batteries when he meets Trump....Doug will have to wait for a week or two.

  18. Tosida
    Tosida6 months ago

    I'd do one small correction on this, and its just me getting overly pedantic, so sorry about that.

  19. Vudobar
    Vudobar6 months ago

    Greater authority? That's like putting a sticker on your house "Protected by Acme Security". The idea is nice but no one looking from the outside believes it.

  20. Diary of a stripper tv show
    Yogal6 months ago

    Awwww look at them go

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