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"Careful about your metaphor here. Firing a gun into a crowd is more akin to rape then sex, since the crowd definitely did not consent to be fired upon. And would you assert that the person who gets shot should be refused medical treatment to cure the wound because the wound had no choice in being made, and being shot has consequences that you shouldn't be able to cheat your way out of through a medical procedure?"

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Ross said, "Terri just took off her miniskirtshe took off her pantiesnow she is waving them at the cars. He reached down and squeezed his aunt Selma's tits which were being sucked hard by his aunt patty selmas sister.

" She says.

"No Cory; just forget it dude. I moaned louder as he fucked me. Then before we left the student union we shopped for as much junk food Sx we could then headed back to our Srx where we got out of the bulky clothes. So I decided this was a good a time as any to do it again. He picked up a few and got on the bed with Tina.

yenave naan iruppadhu siththikku theriyaadhu. I had played enough time to get to business I worked my tentacle under her bra and panties and the ripped them off vqcations her so Srx legs were hanging off the bed and got ready to fuck her doggy style.

We drank all the beer (mostly because of the peppers) and then began working the bottle. My mind was not engaged so what come up, come out and I just said Yes Ma'am. " I was pinned down, and felt like throwing up, and couldn't breathe. 30 caliber round to the chest (though only in the chest) without injury.

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  1. Kazitaur
    Kazitaur1 year ago

    Really? It's not "It's more difficult as I get older, and flexible young things are choosier about sleeping with me?"

  2. Знакомства
    Malagore1 year ago

    Like the tolerant left attacking conservatives in protests?

  3. Знакомства
    Gardataxe1 year ago

    False. Had all of the votes been properly tallied, the democrat illegal votes would have been thrown out. Then Trump would have won the popular vote handily.

  4. Mazuru
    Mazuru1 year ago

    I think you meant to say that "atheists killed more people" rather than "more

  5. Taukinos
    Taukinos1 year ago

    haha i'd rather be single for along time :P trusting someone is so hard

  6. Sex vacations for men
    Gardarr1 year ago

    Well... Putin's trying for paragraph 3. Unsuccessful so far... but trying.

  7. Yogrel
    Yogrel1 year ago

    " The intent of what is shot is determined by the user." LOL... that's just spin. Guns were not inventions to shoot at targets...lol The intent is to shoot people.

  8. Sashicage
    Sashicage1 year ago

    Thanks, you silly dog!

  9. Vudotaxe
    Vudotaxe1 year ago

    You?re back!!! Hey, girl. Good to see you.

  10. Sex vacations for men
    Minris1 year ago

    Back at you. My turkeys can fly... Yours probably can not! Puffing out chest for pride!

  11. Знакомства
    Tutilar1 year ago

    Is it funny that Mary, the mother of Jesus, is referred to as a whore in some texts?

  12. Taukazahn
    Taukazahn1 year ago

    That's exactly why I decided to stop following "Religion" as a discussion group.

  13. Знакомства
    Brashicage11 months ago

    No, you have merely CLAIMED that leaps of faith are necessary.

  14. Fausho
    Fausho11 months ago

    SCOTUS disagrees with you.

  15. Sex vacations for men
    Kagazuru11 months ago

    Well, some guys are idiots. There are also many different notions of what constitutes "thick" or "skinny" and why either is good or bad. Most of the time these are wrong as well.

  16. Brashicage
    Brashicage11 months ago

    Cons is just an abbreviation like Libs.

  17. Samugul
    Samugul10 months ago

    Tell that to Christian scholars, not me. They say he was referring to himself as being a king. But why this is strange for you while Jesus admits he is a children killer?

  18. Mazuzragore
    Mazuzragore10 months ago

    if he is convicted then i will agree with you that he is guilty. i hope you never have to face a jury that have the same attitude about justice as you.

  19. Sex vacations for men
    Sall10 months ago

    Please, tell me which Bible verse you are quoting when you say: "God is said to have sacrificed Jesus to forgive our sins,"

  20. Tubar
    Tubar10 months ago

    Things Christianity has done to benefit the world:

  21. Maujar
    Maujar10 months ago

    Good, lefties and tree huggers should love that then. Trump?s helping the environment with less homes and saving those precious indangered owls.

  22. Sex vacations for men
    Sham10 months ago

    That is God's opinion, too. It is known as being "dumb on purpose."

  23. Malarg
    Malarg9 months ago

    And the earth to shake

  24. Sex vacations for men
    Kisida9 months ago

    I agree that the misrepresentaition should be cause for at least voiding the contract, but I'm sorry, buying a house sight unseen (You didn't get into the house with a chance to poke around) is very, very unwise.

  25. Zurg
    Zurg9 months ago

    Some churches will hold different interpretations. But for the most part Evangelicals do, but it's considered to be a gift and used in private at home.

  26. Kazrakasa
    Kazrakasa9 months ago

    Am I supposed to be impressed?

  27. Tet
    Tet9 months ago

    You have something to say ? Trolling won?t get you anywhere.

  28. Talkis
    Talkis9 months ago

    Well no. Murder doesn't deserve clean healthy clinics to commit it in any more than we need child abuse clinics or rape clinics.

  29. Sex vacations for men
    Shakagami9 months ago

    I wouldn't worry about it if I were you

  30. Vurg
    Vurg9 months ago

    Your hate is clouding your reason and logic. God created a perfect world put his human creation in a perfect garden. Even after their sin and expulsion from the garden they lived close to a thousand years. It appears after the flood in Noah's time there was some type of possible canopy that was lost that help protect the earth from harmful radiation. That and the cesspool caused by sin led to the DNA damage (malware in the DNA code).

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