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Buffalo gay man chorus

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"The fact is that the land in question has been inhabited by Jews and what you would consider Arabs for 4000 years (or more). My point is that both sides have equal claim, unless you bring in the religious aspect. At that point all sides can claim "divine right" , leaving no room for middle ground. Religious beliefs are a part of this conflict, but not the center issue imo."

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  1. Знакомства
    Shakarr1 year ago

    I turned them all off in September, 2016.

  2. Mazuzragore
    Mazuzragore1 year ago

    Just saying...the bias works both ways....

  3. Sagis
    Sagis1 year ago

    To answer your questions from the body of the OP:

  4. Arashit
    Arashit1 year ago

    That is God's opinion, too. It is known as being "dumb on purpose."

  5. Buffalo gay man chorus
    Voktilar1 year ago

    He died a human death. On the 3rd day he was risen.This to show that our human death need not be final.

  6. Знакомства
    Gardajin1 year ago

    "So at the end of the day you support discrimination and unequal treatment of humans based on the dangerous mind pollution of religion"

  7. Ganos
    Ganos1 year ago

    He thinks because he is an elected official, he should have special rights, I cannot access the facility. Maybe try and make an appointment and don't just show up with your so called team. How many times do you think he has tried to visit before Trump was President? This man has been a Senator since 2009 and now the immigration laws bother him, maybe he should have thought about this years ago.

  8. Meztizuru
    Meztizuru1 year ago

    I'm not doing anything of the sort....another lie.

  9. Dolmaran
    Dolmaran1 year ago

    The non-existence of evidence to support YOUR God claims is the physical evidence.

  10. Najar
    Najar1 year ago

    >>"If a politician's policies are formed by his faith, that is absolutely fine."<<

  11. Meran
    Meran1 year ago

    Here's a page from a Green Book, showing black people establishments that would serve them. It is the equivalent of looking up a store on Google that will serve you as a gay person.

  12. Buffalo gay man chorus
    Vibei11 months ago

    Grasping at straws isn't historical evidence. Wishful thinking isn't historical evidence.

  13. JoJokazahn
    JoJokazahn11 months ago

    So all you know how to do is copy and paste? That's exactly the same thing you said earlier. I responded to that already. Do you not know how to come up with a new response that isn't already pre-written for you?

  14. Kim
    Kim11 months ago

    TUS, I'm curious as to how you came to that conclusion, given:

  15. Morr
    Morr11 months ago

    Based on polling, I think everyone knows the answer to that one. It's a shame that our system parallels the U.S. in that it will likely give the win to a party that could very well lose the popular vote.

  16. Shaktigis
    Shaktigis10 months ago

    WHAAAAT?! I wanna seeeeeeeeeee!

  17. JoJojind
    JoJojind10 months ago

    What does the Global Warming Swindle have to do with Christianity?

  18. Buffalo gay man chorus
    Goltigul10 months ago

    Yes, she was a virgin. She HAD to be in order to bring forth the Messiah.

  19. JoJotilar
    JoJotilar10 months ago

    One could argue that.

  20. Tygora
    Tygora9 months ago

    You have my broker's site, be sure to tell him you're betting with his golfing partner.

  21. Vilmaran
    Vilmaran9 months ago

    Laws are subjective. What objective truth would you learn from running a stop light in a fire truck with lights and sirens?

  22. Gataxe
    Gataxe9 months ago

    It is myth

  23. Buffalo gay man chorus
    Fenrill9 months ago

    As an example

  24. Buffalo gay man chorus
    Taushicage8 months ago

    Hoping it's a bubble, but it's hard to quote anything based on speculation.

  25. Tagami
    Tagami8 months ago

    They already committed a crime by being here illegally, so we are already past this threshold.

  26. Buffalo gay man chorus
    Volar8 months ago

    Define anti-god religion.

  27. Mezidal
    Mezidal8 months ago

    "You agree that there is no tangible - first century originated evidence of the existence "

  28. Buffalo gay man chorus
    Makazahn8 months ago

    So is your lack of response when provided the proof you demanded.

  29. Buffalo gay man chorus
    Maugrel7 months ago

    Thank you, Lois. Yeah, in my first 28 years spent in Christianity, I knew Christians to be "just folks", running the entire spectrum of "normal human behavior" - not bigots, not child abusers, not overbearing Bible-thumpers, etc. Just regular folks, living, loving, being saints, being jerks, being family, being both community, as well as church, supporters, etc. Other than non-Christians who were abused by Christian parents, pastors, churches, etc., I think that many vocal Christianophobes have never really met "average" Christians. Their aggression and scorn seems in many cases to come from never having spent a lot of time among Christians.

  30. Zulkizil
    Zulkizil7 months ago

    Just pointing out how these so-called "poor" people are well off with their flat-screen TVs, 200-channel cable hookups, internet and computer, pets, air conditioning, texting, etc.

  31. Kazigal
    Kazigal7 months ago

    *snort* True story.

  32. Vudorg
    Vudorg7 months ago

    I don't know, do you ? Can you also attest that every time it is sung, the rendition is flawless ? Of course not, and it would be unreasonable of me to challenge you on that basis. However, there is adequate evidence (nearly 6million instances in one repository alone) that supports my view.

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