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"That debate was amazing. My favorite part of it is that Matt literally wrote his closing argument before the debate ever started which showed that Sye just had a script to work on and nothing else."

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  1. Vijar
    Vijar8 months ago

    And mandatory prison terms for a second illegal entry will definitely slow the flow. Ironically, that is what Mexico's law stipulates.

  2. Знакомства
    Doujin7 months ago

    FD Steel Magnolia

  3. Знакомства
    Galabar7 months ago

    I wonder how the MSM would react if a mob of Trump supporters protested at her house, or ran her out of restaurant by screaming at her?

  4. Dujind
    Dujind7 months ago

    Sorry bubba. I didn't say I used any of those benefits. But I have paid taxes on a six figure income for thirty years, You are overzealous. I don't look at need in some ridiculous philosophical way. I just take the fastest route to get the help I need. The government has the most money, so I get my share and laugh when I think of the people who think I am flawed for wanting the help. You people are self destructive. I can't wait for all of you implode.

  5. Yozshugal
    Yozshugal7 months ago

    Dianny and Rush.

  6. Знакомства
    Kazijora7 months ago

    I linked it to in the Denmark OP I think. Let me check the browser history :-)

  7. Dogor
    Dogor7 months ago

    Both S. and N. were named after named after the Lakota and Dakota Sioux Native American tribes...

  8. Знакомства
    Meztilkis6 months ago

    Ok, you can be disgusted your narrative is being challenged.

  9. Moogukazahn
    Moogukazahn6 months ago

    Oh, huh. You mean in context?

  10. Знакомства
    Mezizshura6 months ago

    Who was called a name?

  11. Gardalmaran
    Gardalmaran6 months ago

    You are still ignoring causation

  12. Знакомства
    Fenrihn6 months ago

    I guess I should ask some eighth graders

  13. San francisco sex show
    Muzragore6 months ago

    Kelly ?Onward Christian soldiers marching as to war?. I assume that is must be the anthem of the Salvation Army.

  14. San francisco sex show
    Feramar6 months ago

    Agreed. Let's start with bloated MIC budget, subsidies for oil, ethanol, and corn syrup, foreign aid to countries that hate us (pretty much all of them now), Scott Pruitt's travel and security budget, then we can talk about cuts to children's health programs that the Rs want.

  15. Totaur
    Totaur5 months ago

    MY personal attacks? Come again? You are the one attacking me, and now you play the mod card? Get real man.

  16. Знакомства
    Taull5 months ago

    The U.S. has a market economy, with features of traditional and command economies. Therefore, personal opinion or religion has no place here. If it was a traditional economy, please, feel free to do so. Otherwise, consider otherwise.

  17. San francisco sex show
    Gugal5 months ago

    He builds and designs machines, I trust his credibility, nasa has.

  18. San francisco sex show
    Nikozilkree5 months ago

    If patriotism were defined, not as blind obedience to government, nor as submissive worship to flags and anthems, but rather as love of one's country, one's fellow citizens, as loyalty to the

  19. Знакомства
    Meztinos5 months ago

    not bad...just out of character.

  20. Знакомства
    Mir5 months ago

    I think it's fair to say the world got *so* bad for everyone over the course, and immediately after the fall of Rome, that the lights largely went out (they stopped using currency!) and it was a dark age.

  21. San francisco sex show
    Akinogis5 months ago

    Your Ferrari analogy is tired and completely irrelevant to the discussion. That a mechanical object is designed has no bearing on the origin of life on earth 4 billion years ago.

  22. Maumuro
    Maumuro4 months ago

    However evolution fails, it fails, and it doesn't even begin. There is absolutely NO DOUBT that evolution does NOT take place. Facts are facts, and facts do not change.

  23. San francisco sex show
    Migor4 months ago

    "Except that we have the means of making sure they do come back - electronic bracelets."

  24. San francisco sex show
    Voodoogor4 months ago

    i tried, and ended up jumping to the conclusion

  25. San francisco sex show
    Goltiramar4 months ago

    The Green's are competitive in Guelph... there appears to be a four-way split there.

  26. Знакомства
    Kajirn4 months ago

    THE original treatise on it...

  27. Kesho
    Kesho4 months ago

    Oh. I suppose I missed more than simple exchanges of ideas while I have been out and about.

  28. Знакомства
    Mebei4 months ago

    Everyone his or her opinion...

  29. Знакомства
    Voodoorn3 months ago

    The God of the gaps argument is flawed in the fact that there are known discoveries that point to God or intelligence design. There is no gap only evidence pointing to a discovery that cannot be explained by natural means.

  30. Dazuru
    Dazuru3 months ago

    Can't help himself.

  31. Yogor
    Yogor3 months ago

    I believe that contraceptive use is inherently wrong, but I don't think I can prove this in a simple way. I view contraceptive uses like lying: yes, it is imaginable to maintain practical chastity while using contraceptives sparsely, just as it is imaginable to remain practically a truthful man while occasionally letting slip a white lie.

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