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"What does that even mean? "We are all equal in death"... can you flesh that out or is it just flimflam?"

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I ask you again and this time you nod your head to me. White coaching him on or knowing he was getting something Mr. "Thanks Ellen, i really hope you can help, this is just too far for me to handle and i think that maybe if you talked to Trent you might be able to change his mind.

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  1. Thenewporn iraqi sexy video
    Daigal1 year ago

    I didn't assume you are pro-Obama. I asked you how you felt about him. I brought up those examples because oddly enough the EU President said nothing about a lack of leadership during those far more egregious missteps by Obama. his criticism of Trump shows his extreme partisanship and bias.

  2. Moogukazahn
    Moogukazahn1 year ago

    another theist that thinks a political ideology is the same as atheism! How ironic this shows up on an OP about BS!

  3. Tagor
    Tagor1 year ago

    Did you know Brother Chuck is a major shareholder in the Waterford?

  4. Faulrajas
    Faulrajas1 year ago

    I've been unfair to,you, calling you a weak minded fuck. You are actually a sniveling weak minded fuck. Now shut your cockhole.

  5. Sajas
    Sajas1 year ago

    'Bad hombres.' Friends of Trump in Atlantic City.

  6. Знакомства
    Tahn1 year ago

    Oh, right it was a troll that accepted your offer and so was that mod. Riiiiight Smiley, riiight.....

  7. Знакомства
    Kiganris1 year ago

    American left is not very far left at all to most of the other democratic countries

  8. Jukinos
    Jukinos1 year ago

    Just pointing out how these so-called "poor" people are well off with their flat-screen TVs, 200-channel cable hookups, internet and computer, pets, air conditioning, texting, etc.

  9. Thenewporn iraqi sexy video
    Gardalrajas1 year ago

    Yep. That should be traffic ticket.

  10. Samunos
    Samunos1 year ago

    More enjoyable last year, Kyrie was the other player scoring

  11. Toktilar
    Toktilar1 year ago

    You were warned about spamming the site with links. 3-day time-out.

  12. Zolohn
    Zolohn1 year ago

    Yes. When I read the same response over and over, with no relevance to the question, I think of "his name is Robert Poulsen."

  13. Thenewporn iraqi sexy video
    Tauzahn11 months ago

    I'll take the word of Jesus over a vague statement that doesn't say the old laws are invalid.

  14. Meztigore
    Meztigore11 months ago

    Companies get tax cuts an plan to move to China Thats a sign of a great economy

  15. Goshura
    Goshura11 months ago

    If you want to get super pedantic, sure. But I'm using every day language here and for the purpose of this conversation I am sitting in a chair currently, or as close to it as possible. And I can safely assume that next time I sit in it, its going to hold it up.

  16. Voodookasa
    Voodookasa11 months ago

    So, you're 100% certain no creator exists? We've barely left Earth. How can you be so certain?

  17. Знакомства
    Moogucage11 months ago

    Yeah, we have quite a few here that just love to try stuff like that. Pretending that "hey we discovered something new" as "hey look, evolution is DOA"

  18. Tojakazahn
    Tojakazahn10 months ago

    That is right. We did NOT believe in slaughtering innocent women and children. Now, where did I say this did not happen? And when it did?

  19. Thenewporn iraqi sexy video
    Karamar10 months ago

    You are funny.

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