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"Doesnt exist. Stay tuned. I will address hell at a later date. ???????"

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  1. Church saint mary virgin
    Zurg11 months ago

    just for your information hinduism is known to worship more than 18 million god and goddess.

  2. Знакомства
    Mikabei11 months ago

    Hi Clarence, What you wrote in your response post is what the Apostle Peter said to do during that time period. They had a preaching work to do and those who were in the " Upper Room" at Pentecost were assigned this work in accordance to Matthew 24:14 and 28:19. This work was urgent because it had to reach as many people as possible in Jerusalem because Jesus had prophesied its destruction. The Complete destruction and desolation of Jerusalem occurred in 70 c.e This was the end or conclusion of the System of Things spoken of by Jesus Christ at Matthew 24:3 When those who had received the gift of Holy Spirit at Pentecost had completed their Earthly course, the authority of God through his arrangement or order at 1 Corinthians 11;3 became effective. No individual since the passing of the Apostle John has any authority over a Christian Man, the Head of the Christian Man is Jesus Christ.

  3. Dilkis
    Dilkis11 months ago

    i get all my meat from a butcher shop, no dates on it

  4. Church saint mary virgin
    Meztizahn11 months ago

    Even putin does not place spys in his opponent's campaign....

  5. Mazura
    Mazura10 months ago

    I was only as dismissive as you were, but I came here to say hi and check out the boobage. I haven't stopped by in a while and I miss the boobage.

  6. Church saint mary virgin
    Dourg10 months ago

    Paul Ryan should get the credit for the tax bill passing. I would be careful suggesting Peters get behind Trump. That's how the Nazi's made their citizens get behind Hitler.

  7. Church saint mary virgin
    Voodootaxe10 months ago

    Here is a great article about secular morality without a divine lawgiver.

  8. Kagasho
    Kagasho10 months ago

    I think you are pretty cool. Mainstream Christianity is exclusionary and tribalistic (a phenomenon I attribute to people's limbic systems in their brains) and it's easy to see your quandary. From what I have read, Jesus himself was fairly tolerant and accepting so mainstream Christianity isn't all that favourable to Jesus' views.

  9. Church saint mary virgin
    JoJolkis10 months ago

    How many scientific theories have changed or been discarded within the last century?

  10. Church saint mary virgin
    Yozshuran10 months ago

    you can remind me, but I don't agree.

  11. Church saint mary virgin
    Tami10 months ago

    Into the mind of the average Trumper, facts be damned

  12. Dugami
    Dugami9 months ago

    What, you gonna sick some beta bitches with beards in pretty dresses on me? What if I hide in the bathroom they're not identifying with that day? What if I actually punch one of the little skinny-jeans-wearing hipster faggots in their loud, ignorant, arrogant mouth? They'll go get their mommy because their daddy's too beta to do anything just like them? You bitches aren't going to do anything but talk shit on the internet, and that's it, same as always.

  13. Akizuru
    Akizuru9 months ago

    The inherent differences in the nature of God as depicted in the New Testament (e.g. Father, Son, Holy Spirit), and the Koran (e.g. Tawhid) are irreconcilable. If I remember correctly, Muslims see Christians as polytheists because of their 'pluralistic' view of the Trinity. A much simpler approach would be to see that Christians accept Jesus as God, and Muslims view that as blasphemy, as it would be a denial of God's oneness, and a denial of His nature (God does not beget).

  14. Знакомства
    Nikogrel9 months ago

    It may be but your brain is not. You are running a cookie scrubber program looking for info on a porn actress with a content filter 'safe search:strict' This filter is a NO adult content filter. Then you f'n wonder why you can't find anything on porn? I can't believe you can walk and chew gum. Try and have the 'rent's reset the Admin password.

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