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Work uncomfortable chair pain bottom

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"Lol, Idk how I got in charge of putting together internal processes... i'm not the PM. can i be like: this is outside of scope, y/n? also can someone throw up a fun dumpster post.. anyone ,bueller?"

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  1. Work uncomfortable chair pain bottom
    Mebei11 months ago

    Why would Paul write about the secular law? Paul had nothing to say about the secular law - and if it was the secular law that he was writing about, that would make Christians akin to anarchists, not subject to the authorities. Paul taught quite the opposite of that, writing to in Romans 13 v 1, "Let every soul be subject to the authorities that are above him. For there is no authority except from God; and those that exist are set up by God", just as the Lord Himself taught, "Then he says to them, Pay then what is Caesar's to Caesar, and what is God's to God" (Matthew 22 v 21).

  2. Work uncomfortable chair pain bottom
    Tygojinn11 months ago

    Gross. No. Weird jump to conclusions.

  3. Work uncomfortable chair pain bottom
    Meztijas10 months ago

    Y should me? the word of the Lord is line upon line and precept upon precept, a little bit here and a little bit there, line upon line and precept upon precept..

  4. Work uncomfortable chair pain bottom
    Gubar10 months ago

    Nothing wrong with that. One of the strengths of that show is the simplicity of most of the recipes

  5. Знакомства
    Brarr10 months ago

    Wrong, Steve. "Biblical" means ALL Scriptures, from Adam to John. No Talmud here, under slavery, in Babylon.

  6. Work uncomfortable chair pain bottom
    Mausida10 months ago

    I wish. ??

  7. Majora
    Majora10 months ago

    Don?t be so hard on yourself. We all get it wr by sometimes

  8. Знакомства
    Zunos10 months ago

    I gave you the answer you needed to here as Trump does.

  9. Fenrijora
    Fenrijora9 months ago

    I consider myself to be relatively intelligent. No animal sacrifice or seances going on here. Been around the track a time or 2. And Im not your average christian airhead pushing the gospel of Jesus to every Tom, Dick and Harry. No sir, I decided to use the brain God gave me and so I post questions that challenge the christian status quo. What about you? Whats your story?

  10. Work uncomfortable chair pain bottom
    Felkis9 months ago

    The Holy Spirit which you cannot prove exists.

  11. Tygonris
    Tygonris9 months ago

    And a lot of these doctors have only "bad" studies from which they derive this conclusion.

  12. Shatilar
    Shatilar9 months ago

    The Bible is a collection of contradictory myths and folk tales, mixed in with a little history, originally written in obscure and now dead languages, translated differently over a hundred different times just in English, reinterpreted, modified, and amended on numerous occasions over a period spanning at least 3,000 years. Due to its hopeless ambiguity, it is and has been subject to endless debate regarding its interpretations. (Unfortunately, your god never speaks or does anything to clarify the ambiguity which is a problem all gods suffer from.) As a consequence, there has been an endless parade of interpretations of the Bible with the more than one hundred different translations producing over 40,000 different Christian denominations, each with their own unique interpretation of the Bible. This is obviously the work of ignorant, uneducated, and superstitious men and hardly the work of an all-knowing, all-powerful, god.

  13. Знакомства
    Dounris8 months ago

    You?ve already given him his second chance... and third and however many chances that he?s cheated and lied about never going to do it again. The definition of insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing hoping for a different outcome. Are you insane? If you are, continue on. If you aren?t, have a little self respect and dump his ass after getting yours to a clinic to be tested for STDs.

  14. Gujinn
    Gujinn8 months ago

    No it?s not T. You?re hallucinating again buddy. We don?t have atheist churches. There are some atheist organizations that some people join. Probably for a sense of community, but the vast majority just get on with our live.

  15. Work uncomfortable chair pain bottom
    Faukree8 months ago

    You certainly are a laugh and a half with your infantile view of how evolution works.

  16. Work uncomfortable chair pain bottom
    Dat8 months ago

    Yet every child has a phone with internet connection on them at all times...

  17. Tojataxe
    Tojataxe8 months ago

    3 more days until we get rid of the stench that has been eminating from Queens Park for the past 15 years.

  18. Work uncomfortable chair pain bottom
    Kazijinn7 months ago

    I'm right here. No certainty at all. No need. No belief.

  19. Mikagrel
    Mikagrel7 months ago

    Really?!? Last week it was video games and lack of school prayers. Or was it unarmed librarians and too many doors?

  20. Kazishura
    Kazishura7 months ago

    Is something moral or immoral independent of humanity and its opinions? If morality is objective, then we should think so, in the same way that a tree falling in the woods make a sound even if there is no one around to hear it. It seems to me that this makes morality inherently subjective; it only exists insomuch as humans are around to have an opinion about actions. Remove humanity and you remove any notion of "morality". You said so yourself: a cat's actions aren't moral or immoral but only amoral because it lacks the cognitive functions necessary to form complex human opinions.

  21. Work uncomfortable chair pain bottom
    Faele7 months ago


  22. Знакомства
    Kazitaur7 months ago

    Lmao wait what. Why are people talking about children?s fables? O wait is it the boy who cried wolf...

  23. Знакомства
    Yojinn6 months ago

    Everything is interrelated especially when we're making judgements about the 'designer' of all things.

  24. Work uncomfortable chair pain bottom
    Maunris6 months ago

    Time will tell.

  25. Work uncomfortable chair pain bottom
    Tukinos6 months ago

    So the OT is irrelevant?

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