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"It actually doesn't. If you encounter a problem in comprehending this, don't be shy to admit it. You will be kindly explained."

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  1. Megore
    Megore1 year ago

    If he meddled in any it would've been obvious. If the league wants LeBron to win so much then why doesn't he have more rings?

  2. Gulrajas
    Gulrajas1 year ago

    Yes. But think of the alternative.

  3. Tauzil
    Tauzil1 year ago

    First: Oh look, we have found a martian on Mars.

  4. Frequent whipping girl naked
    Taubei1 year ago

    "Most" of the day? Like how many hours? My nondenominational, even if I'm helping clean up afterward, takes about 1.5 hours on Sunday. If a group of us meets every other Sunday evening, it's another 2 hours with dinner included.

  5. Знакомства
    Goltizilkree1 year ago

    Don't worry, Russian Troll can find many ways to lie to Dumb, Uneducated Americans who are easily fooled by childish propaganda.

  6. Zolorg
    Zolorg1 year ago

    The hypocrisy as I pointed out is not the case itself, but the partisan responses to each case. One business owner, for his own personal reasons, refused a request from a politician and was applauded, invited to speak, cheered and lifted up. Another business owner, for her own personal reasons, refused to serve a politician and is being vilified, demonized, and protested against by those very same people. I then pointed out another recent example, where a business owner, for his own personal reasons, refused to serve a potential customer and similarly has been applauded.

  7. Знакомства
    Kam1 year ago

    Go me a persistent lil ole troll here.......................shooo fly.

  8. Знакомства
    Gardaramar1 year ago

    The Bible is a religious book, not history.

  9. Frequent whipping girl naked
    Kigar1 year ago

    a nice little set of questions for Paul Ryan from Jennifer Ruben of the WaPo:

  10. Kajisho
    Kajisho1 year ago

    I like the price and convenience of Redbox, but I still miss the days where you could walk in a store and see copies of movies placed on shelves for rent. There was one that still rented out some VHS tapes until it closed.

  11. Frequent whipping girl naked
    Maunos1 year ago

    For life. For the promises He has made with His covenant people Israel.

  12. Malalabar
    Malalabar1 year ago

    The Washington Examiner, Newsweek, The Hill and BBC all reference The Post.....like I said about Raw Story.

  13. Shak
    Shak1 year ago

    I do love corn. Just saying...

  14. Знакомства
    Sarn1 year ago

    Are you crazy?!

  15. Daicage
    Daicage1 year ago

    Taking millions of dollars from putin,abusing power and weaponizing tge f.b.i./c.i.a./i.r.s.

  16. Знакомства
    Voodoojin1 year ago

    Anyone can make a website and a report up. Employers have to take Social Security, Medicare and income tax withholding from their paycheck or the employer is breaking the law.

  17. Barg
    Barg1 year ago

    I won't disagree but I'd be interested to know by what measure you make that conclusion.

  18. Frequent whipping girl naked
    Tojalkis1 year ago

    I think I'm basically the same person as when I was a believer as well. In fact, it was my personality and my opinions on things like homosexuality I couldn't rectify with a 'loving god' that led me to leave religion altogether.

  19. Mosar
    Mosar1 year ago

    you're talking about some hypothetical. Im talking about reality. Time to deal with it.

  20. Знакомства
    Nekasa1 year ago

    People can associate with and do business with foreign companies/people. It isn't illegal.

  21. Jujas
    Jujas1 year ago

    Serial killers in the U.S. by highest number of victims : Gary Ridgeway, heterosexual, 49-90 victims; Ted Bundy, heterosexual, 36 victims; John Wayne Gacy, homosexual, 33 victims; Dean Corll, homosexual, 28 victims; Juan Corona, bisexual, 25 victims; Ronald Dominique, homosexual, 23 victims; Patrick Kearney, homosexual 21-43 victims; William Bonin, homosexual, 21-36 victims; Larry Eyler, homosexual, 19-23 victims; Paul John Knowles, heterosexual, 18-25 victims. That's more thn half that are homosexual, yet gays make up only ten percent of the population ? (And I'm gay and not religious).

  22. Frequent whipping girl naked
    Vokazahn1 year ago

    They have rabbis.

  23. Mooguramar
    Mooguramar1 year ago

    People take all kinds of risks for love. What's your point?

  24. Знакомства
    Faesar1 year ago

    I would love to make a cake for a homo wedding. Gerbils and exercise wheels would be involved.

  25. Знакомства
    Zululmaran1 year ago

    What about the people that died one second after Christ was born?

  26. Gajas
    Gajas11 months ago

    "This true. Religion is for the religious. Why is that a surprise.?"

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