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"Calling someone a Christianophobe is as worthless as calling someone an Islamophobe or a homophobe. All three terms are cowardly attempts at declaring oneself the victor in an argument that never actually happened. The term Christianophobe is probably just a reactionary word devised to mock the idiocy of those who use the words Islamophobe and homophobe in a laughably serious manner."

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The bullet slammed through Madison's forehead and the girl went immediately limp. "I know. "You sound like a villainess from a Bond movie. I watched as his eyes narrowed then widened in awe.

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  1. Знакомства
    Jukus1 year ago

    That's a single correlation, but there are others. It's certainly not conclusive, and is loaded with narrative.

  2. Nikojin
    Nikojin1 year ago

    ...was a long flight in and my arms are tired!

  3. Sharg
    Sharg1 year ago

    What other rights? The right to own a gun? The right to not have soldiers quartered in one's home?

  4. Знакомства
    Malakinos1 year ago

    Is that upsetting to you?

  5. Tygomi
    Tygomi1 year ago

    Take some solace in the fact even if you did, it doesn?t really go away unless they actually patch their own bridge... and then you?d have a volunteer function where everyone stays late except for one of the two people, and everyone has a gripe session about whoever the absentee is. And it goes one an hour and a half longer than it should, and you just want to go home and drink, and wish the kindergarten class of your friends would just grow up and get past this. But because you elected to try to lead, you?re stuck listening.

  6. Bang bros worldwide nude
    Kinos1 year ago

    It has no power over the Supreme Court.

  7. Akirisar
    Akirisar1 year ago

    yeah she wants to finish renovations asap that we can't get done while I am working.

  8. Bang bros worldwide nude
    Shakinos1 year ago

    Did I say it was about homosexuality?

  9. Знакомства
    Shakabei1 year ago

    I get the point of your rant - but I doubt that is what our dear prof's problem is. I don't think these were "little kids" running around the joint. From the gist of this idiot's rant, I'm guessing they were older teens and young adults who just weren't "diverse" enough for his tastes.

  10. Знакомства
    Fenrikasa1 year ago

    It is government mandated socialism that never ends well. Voluntary socialism is a beautiful thing.

  11. Знакомства
    Tull1 year ago

    I'm probably not the first to mention to you that your anger is over the top.

  12. Vudojora
    Vudojora1 year ago

    A creation story.

  13. Bang bros worldwide nude
    Turg1 year ago

    Wow what a dad

  14. Знакомства
    Gardashakar1 year ago

    Thanks for the comment, Dynbrake. Yes, I am aware of that interpretation. I woudn't say "within" (or either) is a "false interpretation" since it is, after all, used in the KJV and various other translations. So it's a reasonable translation of a tricky word, in any case. And of course no original texts for Luke were written in English, so whatever interpretation we use in English necessary involve some shift in meaning since languages do not map cleanly to one another. Such is the nature of translation. Like everyone, I imagine, both you and I are looking for the most insightful and "closest to original" translation we can get.

  15. Sagar
    Sagar1 year ago

    Even the sainted Mitt Romney was turned into a monster by their propaganda machine - not even Mother Theresa nor Gandi would be safe from the smear machine of the left if the political occasion called for it. They would twist their every action and every word until the picture it painted was unrecognizable. If you're a leftist, it's what you do.

  16. Shara
    Shara1 year ago

    A wedding cake SYMBOLIZES something sacred, so, yeah, it?s different. I don?t know specifics, but here the wedding cake baker also serves the cake and becomes part of the ceremony.

  17. Знакомства
    Mazunos1 year ago

    You're incoherent and expressing the politics of fascism, as near as I can tell through all that gibberish.

  18. Mikabei
    Mikabei1 year ago

    We had our chance and we blew it by electing Republicans. Now the world can descend back into pre-war chaos, complete with new countries pursuing nukes. Great.

  19. Знакомства
    Tujin1 year ago

    You eventually learn who is capable of rational and productive conversation and only seriously address those few.

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