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"Here's a question. How many of us have enjoyed (and perhaps still enjoy) movies produced by the Weinstein Company, Woodey Allen, or Roman Polanski?"

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  1. Malasho
    Malasho1 year ago

    And yet, any 2 people* can read the same verses and walk away with a different understandings, some even mutually exclusive. Sometimes each will claim that the other's understanding is incorrect.

  2. Faurn
    Faurn1 year ago

    i would but drinking and smoking pot might be bad for me

  3. Zulkishura
    Zulkishura1 year ago

    But think of all the tourists it brings.

  4. Match making sites for teens
    Malashicage1 year ago

    So prove that Jesus existed and prove it by citing contemporary reports and records of his life and ministry.

  5. Jurisar
    Jurisar1 year ago

    Very well stated.

  6. Vijar
    Vijar1 year ago

    This election, the None of the Above Direct Democracy Party (NOTA for short) is aiming to have candidates running in all five Hamilton-area provincial ridings ? and more than half of all 124 electoral districts across Ontario.

  7. Match making sites for teens
    Mocage1 year ago

    The ban is the right thing to do and for the exact reasons I mentioned. That Saudi isn't on the list is simply a testament to the changes that they made since 911 to their vetting processes, which if you will recall, I called out as a specific reason for banning travel from a country.

  8. Знакомства
    Karr1 year ago

    Well I can guarantee i won't go around beating anybody with a bat so it's safe to say i wont. ??

  9. Yocage
    Yocage1 year ago

    I'm a HUGE fan of it. More specifically, I weighed in on another Disqus thread about it:

  10. Match making sites for teens
    Zolobei1 year ago

    In related news...

  11. Знакомства
    Nikozshura1 year ago

    Oh yes, those photos of kids sleeping on the floor inside a fenced area... You are aware that those photos were taken during obumscum's administration... or not...

  12. Kebei
    Kebei1 year ago

    Nothing better than coming home to the smell of <insert recipe="" name="" here="">.

  13. Знакомства
    Zulugrel1 year ago

    A typical piece of ignorant lefty hack nonsense! "The whole World"? What an uneducated statement......Do let us in on how the Chinese; Indians and the entire Continent of Africa view the matter....you incredibly thick lefty moron!

  14. Match making sites for teens
    Doutaur1 year ago

    But if we're going to take "do not lie with a man, as you would with a woman" as distinguishing different genders, then surely no adultery is committed by looking at a man with lustful intent. After all, the whole contraband notion is based on the idea they specifically aren't women.

  15. Знакомства
    Magar11 months ago

    Jews are part of the glory of God. While they are still searching for their Messiah, Christians already have the Messiah. Terrorist Jews don't like it, so they persecute. Jealousy is a sin, according to Jesus. Apparently, it's a way of life for the Terrorist Jews.

  16. Vijas
    Vijas11 months ago

    Do you care is the next question?

  17. Знакомства
    Zululkis11 months ago

    Again, that would be if Christians would switch to Islam, which are not. They dumped one drug and do not want to switch (in majority of cases) to another.

  18. Mauhn
    Mauhn11 months ago

    Yes, it is. I explained how.

  19. Match making sites for teens
    Naran11 months ago

    And that, my friend, is exactly what I'm saying. I also don't consider this illiberal just the mainstreamificstion of [email protected] ideology.

  20. Знакомства
    Nigrel11 months ago

    It's a day early, but since weekends tend to be dead:

  21. Знакомства
    Samudal10 months ago

    The 'rules' of science are the methods by which information is accurately gleaned. What is made of that information is in the hands of the philosophers, political leaders and courtroom judges.

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