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"My smartphone auto corrected the CFL to the NFL. Twice."

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He asked a million questions, how it felt, and on and on. They both lapped and eachother's pussys and played with their clits before suddenly exploding in a barrage of juices. Mandy willingly let her shirt be taken off, then she smiled and started taking off Elizabeths shirts.

Looking closely at his fingers his heartbeat thunder in his ears as hundreds of people watch on the local news, his hysterical laughter startles a few officers making them step back surprised while others grin thinking he has finally grasped the situation and understand his criminal has no other avenues of escape they step forward expecting a now compliant arrest to be carried out, but slow to a stop as he spreads his feet as if bracing himself for some force to hit him before bringing his hands to his chest.

The day finally comes and I get drhnk see Jessica in person I great her at the bus station with a huge hug "hey Jessica, how was the long bus ride" Rolling her beautiful blue eyes "fucking long but dude I am so glad to get away from that bitch of a mother and ddunk creepy boyfriend" She is in a baggy hoody on so I can't admire her body to well yet, she is taller than I thought she would be at 5'8 and very thin.

" I silently moaned. Her Vagina began to milk every last drop of his seed into her, send small orgasms throughout her body each time it did. I only could but imagine the pleasure she felt.

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  1. Знакомства
    Grojar1 year ago

    It's a multi-talented troII.

  2. Nele
    Nele1 year ago

    Actually "nothing" is arguably a label for the imaginary idea of what you have when you have taken everything else away. In which case the universe emerged from "nothing".

  3. Знакомства
    Vusar1 year ago

    You answered your own question with the "but...".

  4. Off loading drunk teen pics
    Arashilrajas1 year ago

    Okay thanks. I have another question. Who do you think these amateur fundamentalist Christian apologists on these kinds of threads are trying to convince? We unbelievers or themselves? For most Christians, atheists are a threat to people because they're are terrified of being convinced by them. Your average church goer won't discuss their superstitions with unbelievers. What's the deal with these people posting on this kind of thread?

  5. Sashura
    Sashura1 year ago

    plain and simple truth.

  6. Zuluzragore
    Zuluzragore1 year ago

    Your balls are showing.

  7. Знакомства
    Gardakinos1 year ago

    The two are not mutually exlcusive. I have never once seen you berate the OLP for any of their missteps, and in fact I HAVE seen you defend them quite a bit. C'mon now.

  8. Off loading drunk teen pics
    Goltilar1 year ago

    Again, that's two incompatible models you're trying to merge unsuccessfully.

  9. Vudolmaran
    Vudolmaran1 year ago

    The dog in the back seat is a nice touch, man.

  10. Vurn
    Vurn1 year ago

    What makes you right? Lol. You need it to fit evolution, that's it. Go figure

  11. Off loading drunk teen pics
    Tauzshura1 year ago

    that's normal, probably due to cheap labor apple has call centres in many countries providing service world wide, I worked in a call centre in Portugal that serviced UK and Ireland - there was another call centre for the same area but in china. On very busy times I would also get calls from USA and Australia. Just cause we were no Americans it didn't mean we weren't good at what we did, from my call centre I'd say that 80% of the people there were very good at what they did, about 18% were decent/good and only like 2% were bad - and we were a couple hundreds, plus they would fire the bad people and put new teams and they new teams sorta learned from all previous mistakes so in their first couple weeks they might be learning but after that they became very good.

  12. Off loading drunk teen pics
    Zuluzahn1 year ago

    lol make sure to have all your gay friends at the store that day...making out.

  13. Nerr
    Nerr1 year ago

    Which makes absolute sense. He is claiming there are people who are IGNORANT of the actual mechanisms behind the evolutionary process, that are worried about considering other non-Darwinian mechanisms opening the door to creationists. It is their IGNORANCE that causes them to think that way. People who know the details of the Theory(like Stewart Newman) do NOT agree with that outlook.

  14. Aralrajas
    Aralrajas1 year ago

    That was me leaving George Bush Intercontinental

  15. Faugami
    Faugami1 year ago

    To your second paragraph I thought the the Hebrews didn?t become monotheists until later than 1000 bce? So I still have trouble with the thousand year gap. Even if the Hebrews were worshiping Yahweh and his wife as first among many, 30 generations is a long long time. Particularly when almost everyone was illiterate. So how to bridge the gap?

  16. Kagajin
    Kagajin1 year ago

    Want to say that again, in English this time?

  17. Dibei
    Dibei1 year ago

    I HATE when someone goes out of their way to be a jerk about someone's body then uses the whole "I'm concerned for your health" bullshit as a way to excuse it.

  18. Kazizil
    Kazizil1 year ago

    Liberal states ensure jobs security for LGBTs so your claim is only partially true.

  19. Malall
    Malall1 year ago

    1. Common descent follows from the genetic, the developmental, the behavioural and the molecular evidence. The drift of allele frequencies in population gene pools, constrained by prevalent internal and external circumstances, is proffered as an explanation for that observation - not the other way around.

  20. Mebei
    Mebei1 year ago

    Last I looked the Green and NDP candidates in Guelph were the front-runners but the case I was mentioning had the Greens well behind in an NDP/PC contended race

  21. Off loading drunk teen pics
    Fenrilmaran1 year ago

    Thank you. My response to that joke would have probably been an eye-roll. At most, if I were having a particularly bad day or something, I might have shot off a snide, "I bet that sounded way funnier in your head".

  22. Fenrikora
    Fenrikora1 year ago

    Mods: I understand this response is even less civil than its progenitor, and I understand if you have to strike it. Regardless, I stand by the statement.

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