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"No science has eliminated the possibility that there is a God and you know it which is why you hate science. POOF."

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  1. Yozshura
    Yozshura1 year ago

    And yet Donald Trump is the one enmeshed in a treason, money laundering, obstruction of justice, and official corruption investigation that was started, and is presently led, by members of his own party

  2. Shakarg
    Shakarg1 year ago

    Jews being exterminated? Nope, sure didn't.

  3. Girl videos for free
    Kagalrajas1 year ago

    If any mother stays at home to raise the kids when they need her most I admire them. Raising your kids to be secure, happy and well rounded individuals is the best. Unfortunately, it has often ment the mothers have no security years down the line, no pensions, no career and possible a husband, partner who cheated on her. But if it all works out, how great for the kids and the parents.

  4. Shagami
    Shagami1 year ago

    Imagine them pal ;)

  5. JoJoshakar
    JoJoshakar1 year ago

    Look, communism is based on the writings of Marx, Lenin, Mao... and for each of those folks atheism was a big deal, and is incorporated as a center piece of Marx/Lenin theory in its teachings on dialectical materialism. That is atheism, the notion that man is strictly a material being. Atheism was taught far and wide all over the communist world, and is a core teaching of that ideology.

  6. Girl videos for free
    Mokora1 year ago

    I'm a person of faith. We're trying to discover if you are too.

  7. Знакомства
    Samukree1 year ago

    "Help, I'm trapped in a culture I wholly reject, but am still living up to its mores" has got to be the least persuasive philosophical argument ever.

  8. Tygoshakar
    Tygoshakar1 year ago

    Care to test the Bibles leprosy cure?

  9. Zukasa
    Zukasa1 year ago

    That doesn't make it true. Spare us your argumentum ad populum.

  10. Gobar
    Gobar1 year ago

    All of them.

  11. Arashik
    Arashik1 year ago

    Vulgar and stupid reaction.

  12. Girl videos for free
    Kazirg1 year ago

    All incorrect. The original comment claimed that "Big deal, so does 30% of the American public.". Drizzt responded to explain this is always the case and you always have some people that act like the president/candidate they voted for is almost god like.

  13. Kashura
    Kashura1 year ago

    Observation may not just be visual but it is demonstrable. Please demonstrate your God.

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