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"A person is free to do what to their body in my opinion. Her being a porn star is honestly a horrible reason to say you don't respect someone. But...that's just MY opinion."

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"You going somewhere, but I have yet to fuck that body" "Fucking let me go you pig, your no better than my mom's boyfriend" she screams at me "you can't get away with this.

A part of me keeps thinking he's going to run in and stop this madness but in reality I know that's not going to happen.

Shemale Love 03 - Scene 2

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  1. Nikojora
    Nikojora1 year ago

    With such a persuasive argument, you convinced me...

  2. Tygonos
    Tygonos1 year ago

    Excellent analogies for the things religion does to people:

  3. Shuana sand sex tapes
    Natilar11 months ago

    Here is the easily found information on protoplanet formation, by NASA

  4. Kara
    Kara11 months ago

    If only that were true.

  5. Kagarisar
    Kagarisar11 months ago

    She had me at bacon....

  6. Shuana sand sex tapes
    Dorr11 months ago

    Mesopotamians were black haired and swarthy. In fact they called themselves the black haired people or the black people. which many black supremacists take to mean that they were negroid. Although I seriously doubt that. Ethnically they probably weren't much different than what we see today in the Middle east.

  7. Yozshulkis
    Yozshulkis11 months ago

    And he wasn't the only one: it was quite common that heretics were tortured, dismembered (when still alive) and burnt alive, often along with their whole families.

  8. Shuana sand sex tapes
    Nikorisar10 months ago

    They had one at the aviation museum at Warner Robbins AFB. It was roped off though.

  9. Maura
    Maura10 months ago

    Nationalize the schools, perhaps? I am no fan of the Church especially when I read of its treatment of children in the last century. Maybe it is a drastic over simplification, but I am a dirty commie after all O

  10. Знакомства
    Samum10 months ago

    Whenever I do that sort of thing, it's typically in response to someone making broad statements about one group (often "Muslims"), and comparing it to another broad group (often Christians). Because that's a group to which most of the western world can relate, and recognize there's extreme diversity within that broad label...

  11. Dizuru
    Dizuru10 months ago

    Lol, sure tell yourself that.

  12. Mibar
    Mibar10 months ago

    I think you should run for office.

  13. Zulur
    Zulur10 months ago

    One who purposefully chooses to be ignorant about science in favor of religious myth.

  14. Shuana sand sex tapes
    Yomuro9 months ago

    Article just now...24 year old man kills 15 year old girlfriend while she was on the phone with her mother. My first thoughts were...Why TF is she dating a 24 year old at 15? And the mother called cops to check on her at the girl's residence. Where the hell was she living, if not with her mom and/or dad?

  15. Shuana sand sex tapes
    Mezilkree9 months ago

    Pro-choice is pro-choice, people can hate the decision but still in the end it is a choice, hence the pro part of the term.

  16. Fenrilmaran
    Fenrilmaran9 months ago

    The funny thing is, most of you don't seem to get is that if you know what the weather patterns will be doing you will be able to at least maintin your agricultural yields (controlled for pop growth of course). Something you cannot do when you are in denial (or at least much less effectively).

  17. Keshakar
    Keshakar9 months ago

    Really? That's an amazing comment. You have the evidence for it?

  18. Shuana sand sex tapes
    Malakinos9 months ago

    She's totally right, ya know.

  19. Kigajinn
    Kigajinn8 months ago

    Absolutely. The problem is it's just so rare to find people who don't abuse power --or more correctly, I think many of the situations with a healthy power imbalance don't start off that way. One spouse loses their job, no sweat... But troll for a new relationship while unemployed saying you trust the other person to take care of you, and a person will naturally attract those looking to exploit.

  20. Shuana sand sex tapes
    Vijin8 months ago

    I know, I was hanging on every spouse

  21. Tojazilkree
    Tojazilkree8 months ago

    He died of shame.

  22. Shalkree
    Shalkree8 months ago

    big big difference between child abuser and someone having dinner.

  23. Shuana sand sex tapes
    Mekazahn8 months ago

    Questionable. I frankly don't care what the killers think. What I care is the best way to stop - or, if not possible, to predict who is going to be killed first. Religious nutjobs are much less predictable than people who kill out of some rationale.

  24. Знакомства
    Tygoshura8 months ago

    There are a lot of congregations and individual parishes that practice shunning.

  25. Arashir
    Arashir8 months ago

    Oh thank you so much! I am not holding out rpp much hope on this set of repeat MRIs, but it?s like the lottery. Ya never know. . . ??

  26. Shaktik
    Shaktik8 months ago

    It's clearly not peaceful, you stupid cocksucking Bottom Twink.

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