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"I find it quite concerning that you actually believe anything you wrote. I am Catholic by birth and family tradition, and went through all the sacraments right until it was time to enter seminary when I then decided to attend a secular institution and earn a master?s in biblical history. Today I find the teachings of the RCC rather laughable from a theological and historical perspective."

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  1. Shaktigore
    Shaktigore1 year ago

    Goodness, Google blush, ?? ?? ???????? ?? ??

  2. Faegor
    Faegor1 year ago

    (sigh) Your first comment. "Do you believe in charity?" is not "obvious" in its intent, at least not to me.

  3. Krissy leig very hot
    Mirr1 year ago

    Lol I agree

  4. Brakazahn
    Brakazahn1 year ago

    Well, if I opened a business that served the public then yes. I have trouble putting myself into the "strongly held belief" crowd because I'm an atheist.

  5. Jujin
    Jujin1 year ago

    People usually adopt the religion of their parents. Haven't you noticed that? A few people change here and there but not many percent wise. Christians usually don't become Hindu and Muslims usually don't become Buddhist. That's why countries keep their religious makeup over time.

  6. Krissy leig very hot
    Dimi1 year ago

    you will be convinced, I don't worry about that.. the problem is will it be in time.

  7. Daicage
    Daicage1 year ago

    Expending our resources for the benefit of Americans rather than those that hate us. Time to start pulling forces and aid back home.

  8. Krissy leig very hot
    Mazukinos1 year ago

    The context was showing differences between Bible and Koran to refute the claim that Koran is just translation of the Bible, and I have pointed at those differences. Do you want to argue they exist? As to Koran's passages about loving thy neighbor, the importance of charity and the like, are you sure you are ready to analyse them within the context of Muhammad's lifestory? Or do you think Muhammad isn't supposed to follow what he preached?

  9. Grobar
    Grobar1 year ago

    Yeah, you try to place a Bible on the counter next to you at McDonalds while you work.

  10. Shaktijora
    Shaktijora1 year ago

    Oh, I see. Yes each channel has their own mods.

  11. Mikalrajas
    Mikalrajas1 year ago

    As we've been over before Bob, after the recession, only one year did the rate grow at a rate lower than 1.5%.

  12. Kazralar
    Kazralar1 year ago

    There are many areas to explore there, but yes if you look at genetics there is not enough to warrant hard lines in any way. This is not to say there are no "significant" features but there is no basis there to warrant any kind of "inequality" where there is simply a difference based on way of life over time.

  13. Знакомства
    Tautaur1 year ago

    They wanted to be able to marry the person they LOVED like all other hetero couples. Claiming they had the right to marry already is preposterous. Many of them DID marry to try and make their families happy or to try and be a good Christian resulting in many broken families.

  14. Знакомства
    Jurisar1 year ago

    I thought ATM was dick in your ass, then putting it in your mouth?

  15. Знакомства
    Akinomi1 year ago

    What? Evidence? I see no evidence. Give me one single piece of evidence of the existence of a god, any god, that does not rely on your sacred religious text.

  16. Знакомства
    Nahn1 year ago

    Yes. "Containing nothing". "Void". Also "Empty". Contest has as much or more to the meaning as the words.

  17. Neshicage
    Neshicage1 year ago

    Christians are free to advocate for public policy based on their superstition. I am free to oppose them.

  18. Krissy leig very hot
    Yozshuzuru1 year ago

    Keep waiting for God to fix everything, and nothing will ever change.

  19. Shaktizragore
    Shaktizragore1 year ago

    Her face in the video looked really underwhelmed but of course she stood by her man and defended his proposal.

  20. Mura
    Mura1 year ago

    has he heard of something called block, also i hope he has an unlimited plan otherwise he'll see something truly scary, his bill

  21. Krissy leig very hot
    Mooguktilar1 year ago

    Tell that to someone from Sudbury. The north is already ticked off that no one gives them the time of day.

  22. Krissy leig very hot
    Zolomi1 year ago

    We are speaking the Creation listed in the bible here. Although as there is zero evidence of Jesus's resurrection, there is nothing to debunk. Its just a wild claim.

  23. Mogor
    Mogor1 year ago

    Well you've always been straight up, if you guys left, it must have been offensive. You and Gillette have always been good people, and I would expect nothing less. I'll see you around here my friend'

  24. Krissy leig very hot
    Shakasida1 year ago

    Honestly? When they get their behinds handed to them at the ballot box.

  25. Krissy leig very hot
    Migar1 year ago

    I am not anxious, lol; and I assure you that I have dedicated significant time and resources to investigation of Christianity (I was a Christian for half my life). The whole of the Christian faith is a house of cards built in a vacuum of evidence.

  26. Krissy leig very hot
    Mitilar1 year ago

    I'll settle for booze and Netflix.

  27. Shakajar
    Shakajar1 year ago

    To die to the body and transcend death is to be 'born again', not the superstitions about 'unless you be born again you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven' figment of imagining things that your eyes have not seen.

  28. Gubar
    Gubar11 months ago

    As Mary is not mentioned in non-biblical sources of the time and as virgin is a mistranslation into Greek of the Hebrew alma, the question is moot.

  29. Goltimuro
    Goltimuro11 months ago

    Are you sure that's all you're "shaking"?

  30. Знакомства
    Telabar11 months ago

    You are perpetuating the phalocraty!??

  31. Знакомства
    Malara11 months ago

    Multiverse is simply BS. Something like a theory of the sex of the angels.

  32. Manris
    Manris11 months ago

    Friction is not your friend. Remember to lube generously.

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