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"If only those Democrats could have passed immigration reform when they had a majority, we wouldn't be forced to be competent at our jobs and keep campaign promises!"

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  1. Naked brothers band tv
    Dukinos1 year ago

    What about MLK? Are you asking me about him because I am black? Most black people are Christians. That is why they are poor, despised and miserable. They have internalized "white supremacy" and "Christianity".

  2. Naked brothers band tv
    Dougis1 year ago

    My comment earlier this morning on another channel!

  3. Shagar
    Shagar1 year ago

    Speaking from experience?

  4. Kazrashicage
    Kazrashicage1 year ago

    My girlfriend and I had a spat this morning about the Eagles not going and she tried to defend them by saying it's their right to kneel but I told her it's not about the right to kneel, it's about the right to defend the right to kneel that these kneels are disrespecting.

  5. Nijora
    Nijora1 year ago

    Amazing that you think you can read my mind. Just one more of your delusions.

  6. Naked brothers band tv
    Meztirn1 year ago

    I suppose this has nothing to do with all the immigration and sanctuary city nonsense?

  7. Naked brothers band tv
    Yozragore1 year ago

    You are wrong and fried on both sides. The minimum wage is modern day slavery. People don't have a choice about the minimum wage. If they did they would chose a living wage. They can't just leave a job or relocate as they would drink a glass of water. Poor people don't have choices, bubba. But if you feel better saying that, go ahead and knock yourself out. WHAT IS WRONG WITH A LIVING WAGE? You are dodging that question.

  8. Shakashicage
    Shakashicage1 year ago

    What about the people who have to clean the trains?

  9. Mojar
    Mojar1 year ago

    S. Dakota and NorDak are the same in temps. You haven't experienced cold until you've gone deer hunting with skin freeze warnings. Having coffee in the morning and then 5 hours in the field you're going to test that theory one way or another, and no I never had any part of me freeze...that I know of...

  10. Naked brothers band tv
    Tojatilar1 year ago

    Paul's theology is the same, this is clear;

  11. Naked brothers band tv
    Akinojin1 year ago

    I need a t-shirt with that on it.

  12. Mezigis
    Mezigis1 year ago

    I agree they think that. I disagree it is valid. In fact, stats reveal quite a different story in reality

  13. Знакомства
    Doshura1 year ago

    No evidence that Hitler was atheist. If anything he was an irreligious theist.

  14. Знакомства
    Kazikasa1 year ago

    This is why I love Ronan Farrow. No one thinks Al Franken is equal to Harvey Weinstein except men trying to undermine the movement.

  15. Zulujin
    Zulujin1 year ago

    Wait. In a thread about your beliefs you ask me to define terms? That can't be right. It's of course my fault. I was flippant in my answers. (Because I was on a tablet and an on/off internet connection that broke down eventually.)

  16. Bragore
    Bragore1 year ago

    guruurug ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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